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A Better Quality of Life


Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed at work or in school? Constantly feeling anxious? Not sleeping well? Always fatigued, tired? Stress headaches, migraines? 

Stressors are aplenty in our fast moving society. The pressure to perform, to conform can wreak havoc with our lives. Life changes such as a divorce, a birth of a child, a new job assignment can bring additional stress and anxiety.

Stress becomes a problem when our body's stress response is activated for a prolonged period of time, without the body's returning to its relaxed state. It is therefore important to find ways to tackle stress.

Our therapy utilizes the NeurOptimal Advanced Brain Training System. NeurOptimal is a Neurofeedback system developed by clinical psychologists. Neurofeedback systems have been proven effective in providing stress relief and is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the U.S.) as a stress reducer.


NeurOptimal has been in use for more than 20 years and has helped thousands of people achieve relief from stress and anxiety in their everyday lives. It works by providing real time feedback to your central nervous system to facilitate the brain’s own self-healing capability, increasing brain flexibility and resilience. We do this by monitoring a person’s brainwaves patterns to detect moments of instability or turbulence and alerting the brain when these occur. Call us for more information. We love to hear from you.

Client testimonials

"After one session of NeurOptimal training, the quality of my sleep improved. I have taken more sessions since. Now I don't have to worry if I would wake up at 3 am and not being able to go back to sleep. I might plan vacations in Europe or the USA as in the past I have avoided these places for fear of disruption in my sleep pattern.

I am better able to cope with my workload. Recently I completed a project well ahead of time without feeling stressed out as I was able to pace myself and I did not feel mentally or physically drained."

M Tong, 56 year old educational therapist, Singapore


"The results from NeurOptimal are subtle, yet dramatic - truly assisting users reach a 'new normal.' After a week of sessions, I had almost complete relief from double vision and headaches. In addition, I found that my stress levels had reduced and my sleep quality had improved. I have continued with regular sessions and have noticed that I am more readily able to concentrate. I'd strongly recommend NeurOptimal, particularly for students."

​Scott, 32 year old educator, Singapore


"NeurOptimal has helped me immensely. After just 3 sessions my chronic neck and lower back tension have gone away. I am calmer and more focused. I have benefited immensely from the sessions and will definitely come back for more."

K.H. Tan, 39 year old civil servant, Singapore


"For the last year I have been having problem falling asleep and staying asleep. After an hour or so, I would be wide awake and would toss and turn for hours again before falling asleep. I would sleep only about 2 to 3 hours each night and was getting desperate. After trying NeurOptimal I have been able to sleep uninterrupted for 5.5 hours. I am so happy a friend introduced to Neuroptimal."
M Chia, 55 year old business owner, Singapore  

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​"I was unable to handle stress and address difficult issues and so had frequent anger outbursts. After NeurOptimal sessions at PIPI, my anger outbursts has reduced so much, I am much calmer and have a clearer mind to address and resolve difficult issues. Less DRAMA!!"

A. Kamil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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