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Suffering from Depression for a long time? Your therapy not working? Medication giving you nasty side effects or just looking for an alternative to medication? We have helped numerous individuals with depression including some that have been suffering for many years.

Our therapy utilizes the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Advanced Brain Training System. Developed by clinical psychologists based in Canada, NeurOptimal has been helping people  with depression and anxiety for more than 20 years. It is a safe and gentle system that does not involve medication. It is not talk therapy (counselling). Instead, NeurOptimal works by providing real time feedback to your central nervous system to facilitate the brain's own auto-regulating, self-organizing capabilities. We do this by monitoring a person brainwaves and providing feedback to the central nervous system when the brainwave patterns show the brain moving into moments of instability or turbulence.

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Client testimonials

"I am 44 year old working part-time as a recruiter in an SME. When I first heard of Neuroptimal, I was very sceptical. However, after struggling for more than 10 years with chronic depression and many rounds of psychotherapy plus psychiatric drugs without seeing much improvements in my condition, I decided to give Neuroptimal a try.

Much to my surprise, I experience a great improvement to my moods and overall outlook to life after only 7 sessions. The difference was so markedly visible that my therapist recently mentioned that I looked so positive and bright in my outlook, a complete turnaround from the depressed and negative person he first met in early June, when I started Neuroptimal concurrently with my counselling sessions with him. As such, I strongly recommend Neuroptimal to anyone who wishes to experience a real breakthrough in their treatments for mental illness.

Chris T, 44 year old, recruiter, Singapore

"My NeurOptimal has been very instrumental to my journey in overcoming my anxiety and depression.

Just after the first session, I felt mentally 'light'. It was like a heavy mental cloud was lifted off me. As the sessions went on, I felt the mental fog began to clear off my mind so I had lesser negative obsessive thoughts and I also noticed that I tend not to dwell in my depressive state for too long.

I used to have all sorts of negative thoughts before going to sleep every night, worried if I sleep too early in case I woke up too early and couldn't go back to sleep. But after a few sessions, I found myself going to sleep peacefully every night, having much fewer uninterrupted sleep and even when I do wake up during my sleep, I could get back to sleep easily. Gone were the days where I would wake up daily with a heavy head. I used to have migraines or headaches almost every other day which greatly impacted my mood but now that is a thing of the past.

I also notice that I get less anxious. My frequency and degree of anxiety has lessened. Now even when I do get anxious, I'm still able to get out of my home, take public transport and do the things that I need to do. 

Before going for the sessions, I accumulated many tools and knowledge on how to overcome my anxiety and depression. But being in a constant heavy mental fog and depressive state, I wasn't able to put those tools and knowledge into practice. NeurOptimal, gave me the push that I needed and I began to clear my negative thoughts and clutter which have been in my system for too long.

Although I'm a "work in progress", NeurOptimal has greatly helped me ease my journey to recovery from my mental struggles.

I strongly recommend NeurOptimal to everyone. It has positively impacted my life."

Indra, 36 year old administrative officer, Singapore


"I work as a recovery coach in one of the psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Singapore. I help people in recovery from traumas, abuse and mental illness. I have a personal live experience too with mental illness. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and severe depression. My recovery journey took me a long time to heal and get well. Though i am out of medication for 2 years, i could sustain well and had yet to experience any relapses for the last 2 years. 

As a recovery coach I am always shopping for natural treatment for my clients and myself to sustain recovery and improve inner core strength to ground and bring ourselves back to balance. Besides practicing what I trained in recovery I am also receiving neuro feedback training from neuroptimal to help me sustain recovery. I had learnt about Neuroptimal from my boyfriend. He had benefited a lot from the sessions himself. The sessions had help him to better accept and heal from his severe depression, childhood abused and traumas which he was suffering from for many years. After 12 sessions of neuroptimal sessions he was able to focus and move forward with his life to stay in tune with what he is passionate of accomplishing which he is incapable to do so in the past, especially in areas of building good intimate relationships. 

I am now a regular user of neuroptimal, I feel that it is the most amazing machine that man had ever invented to help people better cope with their human sufferings. If my brain is able to talk to me at this moment, this will be the reply: “Thank you so much, why don’t you do this sooner.”

I am able to share that thoughts because these are the positive outcome I had gained after receiving more than 20 times of neuro feedback sessions over the period of 5 - 6 months. I have never thought that it would be possible. The awesome transformations that I am experiencing now bring so much happiness, meaning and liveliness to my new life. I am better able to find calmness and balance and less bordered by doubts, fears and insecurity. 

Neuroptimal had helped me sleep deeply and wake up at the time I wish to wake up in the morning. I used to have frequent headaches in the afternoon, now hardly have one even on a very demanding day. I can better cope with my moods swings and emotional irritability. It also helped me to eliminate old maladaptive thinking pattern and replaced with better and more sustainable coping skills. I am less defensive and sensitive with people now and able to focus on my objectives to move myself forward. When my head is clear, wisdom naturally arises, it helps me to make better decisions and choices in life and stay focus on what I value. My relationships with others and myself have improved tremendously. I have lesser struggles now because I have finally understand how to live a happier life!!

I would introduce neuroptimal to anyone who is going through difficult moment and do not have a good support system to help you in recovery."

Rosalind P, 47 year old, recovery coach, Singapore​​​

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