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Help for Children

Is your child struggling in school? Is she having difficulty retaining things learnt or having to relearn things over and over again? Is she forgetting to bring things back from school or having a hard time completing tasks? Perhaps your child is easily distracted and can't concentrate for long that you suspect she might have ADHD? Is your child becoming a distraction in his class or prone to anger tantrums or the other extreme, becoming withdrawn? Children react differently to pressures in school and at home. If your child is exhibiting any of the above, we can help.


In our practice we don't apply labels to any child and no medication is involved in what we do. We utilize the NeurOptimal Advanced Brain Training System to optimize brain function. NeurOptimal is a safe, gentle and effective system developed by clinical psychologists from Canada. It is a tried and tested system having been in use for more than 20 years in many countries.


NeurOptimal is a neurofeedback system. It works by harnessing the natural power of your own brain. Your brain already regulates itself but to perform at its best it needs accurate information about itself sort of like a mirror. NeurOptimal monitors your brainwaves while you listen to music and looks for sudden changes in your brainwave patterns. When these changes are detected NeurOptimmal informs the brain by briefly interrupting the music. This interruption invites the brain to return its attention to the present moment. With accurate information about itself, the brain can natually self-correct. NeurOptimal neurofeedback brain training helps the brain learn to funtion more efficiently, comfortably and effectively without any prompting all the while building flexibility and resilience.


A brain that is more flexible adapts and responds quicker and more appropriately to changes in your environment. The more easily your brain adjusts to changes encountered in a normal busy day, the better you feel. A lack of brain flexibility can leave you feeling drained and stressed at the end of the day.


Resilience is the brain's ability to "bounce back" from a negative event. Negative feelings associated with an unpleasant experience or with personal conflict can hover long after the event. The destructive effect of nervousness, repetitive or self-critical thinking can impact productivity, effectiveness and decision making. In severe cases, it can lead to physical and emotional trauma. WIth NeurOptimal neurofeedback training, your brain can become more flexibile and resilient. Please contact us for more infomation on how we can help your child. More about NeurOptimal neurofeedback


"My son was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD - inattentive at P2. He had been having trouble focusing in school and was doing things like handing up incomplete school work to the teacher.​ On the home front, he would come home forgetting to record down his daily homework or leaving his textbooks behind. He would take hours to do his homework, learn his Chinese tingxie and English spelling. Things that he was taught before, he would forget one week later and it was a tiring and frustrating process for him to have to relearn everything again.

Our educational pyschologist referred us to Mr. Lee and that is when I found out about NeurOptimal. After my phone conversation with Mr. Lee, I did extensive research about neurofeedback on the internet and watched other people's testimonies on youtube. I was convinced that NeurOptimal would be a better solution than dispensing medication to help my son focus better.

We did a total of 10 sessions and I was pleasantly surprised by my son's changed behaviour. He came home with less homework, that means he was completing his daily work in school. He is now alot faster in learning his spelling and tingxie. He came home with full marks for spelling and 93% for his math test, which had not occured before. His teachers also noticed he had less mistakes in his daily work and was more focus in class. These improvements has made going to school more enjoyable for my son and has given me overall a more confident child."

Mdm Chong, mother of 8 year old child, Singapore​

"Each child has different learning and growing pace. My son obviously needs help in his spelling and controlling his emotions as he felt the anxiety for not able to remember spelling words. I decided to try out brain training with Clarity & Focus after seeing positive testimonies of similar children going through such challenges. I’m glad we try this gentle method to retrain his brain to better control emotions and everything else falls into its place.

My son had completed 10 sessions and is still continuing as he is doing better in his school work now and emotionally more stable. 3 of my close friends were surprised of my son’s good development and today his teacher told us his attitude is excellent and can complete his school work within given time."

From Mrs Yap, a mum who believes that every child is unique and never gives up hope to find the suitable method to help the child to grow up in own pace, Singapore

"NeurOptimal has helped me stay more focused in school. I no longer feel tired and restless during lectures and this has made the studying process easier for me. It has also improved my coordination and balance which gives me more confidence in the sports I play as I am able to see progress and improvement."

Natalie, Undergraduate, Singapore

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