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In House One-to-One Session
Attended by our certified trainer each in house session usually takes about 35 minutes to complete. Before your first NeurOptimal® session, you will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire describing how you are feeling and what you wish to achieve in coming for your training sessions.

During training, very brief pauses in the music or movie which may sound like scratches will occur. This is the system giving precise feedback to the brain. It is these interruptions that give the brain the vital information it needs to reorganize itself to operate more optimally. The interruptions to the music are the primary feedback to the brain which is why it is fine to close your eyes during training. No conscious intervention on your part is required - your brain does all the "heavy lifting".

You will be seated in a comfortable chair facing a computer screen. Three tiny sensors are attached to your ears and a couple to your scalp using water soluble conductive paste. These sensors pick up the electrical activity of your brain. The system simply reads the signals. Much like a ECG, the system is simply reading the signal. There is nothing invasive about the training session.
Home-based NeurOptimal Sessions
Home visits by our certified NeurOptimal Brain Trainers are available for those who prefer having sessions in the comfort of their homes or who find it physically difficult to come for our in-house sessions

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