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-Does your child struggle with procrastination, typically beginning homework when it's nearly time for bed?

-Does your child have a poor sense of time?

-Does your child hyper-focus to the extent that he or she doesn't hear you when you call?

-Is he or she very likely to misplace personal items - jackets, keys, wallets, etc.?

-Do you find that you need to repeat multi-step directions because your child hasn't registered all of the steps?

-Do they often daydream and pay little attention when not interested?

-Are they emotionally intense and engage in power struggles?
​Parents shouldn't delay if they suspect ADD (ADHD) in their gifted child. Even if their child is doing well in school, the cost of doing well only increases as demands and expectations increase. But more importantly, ADD (ADHD) is a quality-of-life disorder that can affect all aspects of life. 

Untreated ADD (ADHD) can have a negative impact on self-esteem, on peer relations, and can lead to chronic sleep difficulties, and to chronic stress that may develop into anxiety and/or depression as life becomes increasingly challenging.
ADD stands for attention deficit disorder, one of the most common childhood disorders. Classic symptoms include inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, difficulty following directions, and completing tasks at home or school. But there are many children whose behaviour and performance bears very little resemblance to the difficult, disruptive child one typically associates with ADHD. Both children and adults can have ADHD, but the symptoms always begin in childhood.
NeurOptimal is a safe, gentle, totally non-invasive and non-medication based way of training and strengthening the brain. It helps the brain become more flexible and resilient and promotes optimal brain functioning.

NeurOptimal works naturally and holistically with the central nervous system and has been proven effective in helping with attention and focus issues, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, depression and achieving improved performance for students, executives and athletes.

Over the last 17 years and increasing everyday. more that 3 million brain training hours have been conducted on the NeurOptimal system.
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"A number of boy with ADHD who after five to eight sessions report feeling "normal" - that they can now control their reactions "just like the other kids can". They feel like they are now the same as others and that they fit in with the rest of the group. Recently a 15yo boy (13 sessions so far) told me about recommending NeurOptimal to his 15yo friend who he usually spent time in detention with after getting into trouble at school. My client reported that he now would tell his friend to "forget it' when he suggested that they get into mischief, and was now quite intolerant of his friend's attitudes and behaviours, and was spending less and less time hanging around with him."
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