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About Clarity & Focus 
Clarity & Focus Pte Ltd is a provider of world class neurofeedback training and products. It is the exclusive Southeast Asia representative for NeurOptimal®, the market leading neurofeedback system. 

Clarity & Focus is headed by Dennis Matthew Lee, Advanced Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer, BSc (Hons), MBA.

Over the last 7 years, Dennis has helped numerous individuals improve their quality of life, improve their performance in school, at work and at sports, achieve contentment and mental well-being.

His clientele include children with learning difficulties, adults with depression, anxiety and sleep issues, adults looking to maintain their mental actuity and slow the effects of brain aging, students of all grades, executives, professionals, athletes and professional athletes.

Dennis is passionate about neurofeedback and is committed to educating and informing the general public on the virtues of this effective and safe exercise regimen for the brain. He has been trained on two of the world’s most advanced neurofeedback systems.

Educating & Informing 
​On Brain Training
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