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reasons why many choose NeurOptimal®
Natural, No medication
Effective, Time-tested
Safe, Gentle
Developed in 1999, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback has helped improve the quality of life for thousands of people over the last 17 years

The developers, Dr. Valdeane Brown and Dr. Susan Cheshire Brown, are PHD clinical psychologists who in addition to having their own practices until recently, have spent decades in research and development in the field of neurofeedback. The Browns have more than 40 years in the neuroscience field and related disciplines.

They continue to run the company (Zengar Institute Inc) behind NeurOptimal® and are passionate in wanting to bring the benefits of NeurOptimal® to as many people as possible.

NeurOptimal® is a safe, gentle, totally non-invasive and non-medication based way of training and strengthening the brain. It helps the brain become more flexible and resilient, which leads to a better quality of life.

Brain flexibility refers to the ability of the brain to easily and appropriately shift between the different states of awareness or consciousness required during a normal day. The heightened state of awareness required to perform a work task is for example, different from that required when preparing to go to bed. So being able to easily switch between states is important. The more flexible you are, the less stressed and tired you feel at the end of the day.

Resilience refers to the ability to bounce back from a negative event. Negative feelings can linger long after an unpleasant incident. The destructive effect of nervousness, repetitive or self-critical thinking is magnified in more severe events such as physical and emotional trauma and the loss of a loved one. Individuals with a more resilient brain, report feeling happier and enjoying a more profound sense of peace.

Brain fitness is the combination of brain flexibility and resilience.

NeurOptimal® works naturally and holistically with the central nervous system and while it does not target any specific condition, it has proven effective in helping with attention and focus issues, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, depression and achieving improved performance for students, executives and athletes.

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Over the last 15 years and increasing everyday, more than 3 million brain training hours have been conducted on the NeurOptimal® system.

The NeurOptimal® Difference
Traditional Neurofeedback Systems NeurOptimal®
Requires a practitioner to diagnose a client’s condition prior to starting neurofeedback training. With NeurOptimal® no diagnosis is required.NeurOptimal® works with all relevant brainwave frequencies, monitoring them continuously, microsecond by microsecond, dancing with the brain as it shifts and evolves. A one-time assessment done minutes, hours or days before is much too slow for NeurOptimal®.
The practitioner has to prescribe training protocols and choose one or two frequencies to work with during a training session. NeurOptimal® provides information to the brain from the vast array of brainwave frequencies it works with, many of which are unique to NeurOptimal®. With other systems, you have to rely on the practitioner to select the right frequencies failing which specific side effects may result. Also training a few frequencies for one issue many be contra-indicated for another issue you may have. With NeurOptimal® you not only don’t have to worry about these things, you also receive the benefits of training across the whole range of frequencies.So whether you are seeking training for an issue, or to excel in a particular endeavor or to slow the effects of brain aging, you can have it all, each and every session.
Categorizes brainwave frequencies into the ones that you need “more of” and the ones you need “less of” and pushes the brain to produce more or less of the frequencies. Sets a threshold or level that they want a client to be above or below. NeurOptimal® does not “push” the brain in any direction as other systems do. It works by simply providing information to the brain about what it is doing. The brain decides for itself whether an increase or reduction in certain brainwave frequencies is warranted. With other systems, this pushing of the brain within small frequency ranges that do not balance each other is likely the biggest cause of unwanted side effects. And the fact that NeurOptimal® does NOT do this makes it not only unmatched in its power, but also its safety. NeurOptimal® works moment by moment with “where the client is”. And when your brain gets tired, it works with where you are, making it very difficult to over train with NeurOptimal®
Neurofeedback systems work by monitoring a person's brainwaves and providing information back to the brain in a way that exercises and trains the brain. Tiny sensors are used to monitor the brainwaves. The process is safe and totally non-invasive. Much like an electrocardiogram (ECG) test for the heart, the sensors only pick up the brainwave signals. The sensors do not put anything back into the brain. Any feedback provided to the brain is through music played through ear phones or speakers, in other words, through one's normal hearing mechanism.

How NeurOptimal® is different from other neurofeedback systems
Before using Neuroptimal i was having a lot of problem. I was in a lot of stress so I could not sleep during the night, and it already happened for more than 5 years. I also felt terrible during the day, headache, soar body, often feeling unwell, sad and unhappy. I was falling apart in the inside. 

And then i got introduced to Neuroptimal. My sister convinced me to try it. After the first session, i felt that it was almost like miracle, i could sleep like a baby all through the night, which i could never do in years. Even my husband was surprised. As my sessions continue, i feel more and more happier. No more headache and sore body. My mind is more peaceful and stress free. And my quality of life has improved so much. I become a better mom, wife and mostly a better person. I even got my period regularly now. Neuroptimal is truly a blessing for me.
S.M.A, 40 year old housewife, Bandung, Indonesia

I started using NeurOptimal 3 months ago and so far I've done about 15 sessions. I wanted to improve my sleep and general performance. The changes are subtle but noticeable. The biggest change I've noticed is a more relaxed sense of calm and peace in the midst of chaotic everyday life. 

I am more reflective on my current brain state and aware of what I'm thinking/feeling/experiencing in the moment. For example, I used to wake up in the middle of the night, every night, and be very anxious and worried and frustrated. No I wake up in the middle of the night much less and when I do wake up I'm in a much much more relaxed state of mind. I don't get frustrated or angry that I'm awake. I simply feel ok I'm awake, everything is ok, no big deal, just relax and rest. Or in the middle of some drama or chaos with my girlfriend, I can take a step back inside my head and realise what's going on and not be so affected by it. 

Basically I'm much more synchronized and in harmony with my own brain. I feel much more in control of my mental state at all times. I really recommend NeurOptimal training to everyone.
Michael H, 36 year old IT professional, Singapore

I started on neurofeedback, I used to have problems focusing on tasks and would get distracted easily. I would also find myself tongue-tied as my mental processing skills were unable to cope. After a few sessions of neurofeedback, I find myself much more aware, focused and confident. My speech is much more dynamic and fluid. I am extremely happy with the results and intend on taking more sessions to help optimize my brain.
J. Li, 25 year old civil servant, Singapore​

Three real differences I felt after using NeurOptimal Neurofeedback System: now I totally free from my smoking habit. NeurOptimal helped me to improve my concentration a lot, before using this device I just can read for 5 minutes, after that I will lost my concentration and my eyes are very tired. And now I can read the whole book for more than 1 hour without loosing my focus and concentration. And this device is also help me improving my sleeping pattern. Before I always woke up in the middle of the night feeling so exhausted and I was have problem to wake in the morning. When I woke in the morning, I always feel very tired. But now I sleep well through the night, and I wake early in the morning feeling very fresh like I never feel before. Thank you for introduced this amazing device to me. 
A. Wahyudin, 39 year old businessman, Bandung, Indonesia.

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Dr. Susan Cheshire Brown on NeurOptimal®

My son was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD - inattentive at P2, trouble focusing, handing up incomplete school work to the teacher. He would come home forgetting to record down his daily homework or leaving his textbooks behind, take hours to do his homework, learn his Chinese tingxie and English spelling. Things that he was taught before, he would forget one week later.

Our educational psychologist referred us to [Clarity & Focus] that is when I found out about NeurOptimal. We did a total of 10 sessions and I was pleasantly surprised by my son's changed behaviour. He came home with less homework, that means he was completing his daily work in school. Now alot faster in learning his spelling and tingxie. He came home with full marks for spelling and 93% for his math test, which had not occured before. His teachers also noticed he had less mistakes in his daily work and was more focused in class. 
Mdm Chong, mother of 8 year old child, Singapore

The results from NeurOptimal are subtle, yet dramatic - truly assisting users reach a 'new normal.' After a week of sessions, I had almost complete relief from double vision and headaches. In addition, I found that my stress levels had reduced and my sleep quality had improved. I have continued with regular sessions and have noticed that I am more readily able to concentrate. I'd strongly recommend NeurOptimal, particularly for students.
Scott, 32 year old educator, Singapore

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